Criteria and Procedures on Whistle Blowing and Complaints Management

The Company arranged for the protocols and whistle blowing channels for all stakeholders to file complaints or report conducts that may lead to violation or failure to comply with the laws, rules, regulations or corporate governance policy, as well as incorrect disclosure of financial information, faulty internal control system directly to the Audit Committee or the Company Secretary. The contact channels are available on the Company’s website under Investor Relations menu.

In case of witnessing illegal conducts or failure to comply with the Business Code of Conduct, complaints can be filed to the following channels:

  1. Email
    To Audit Committee and Company Secretary :
  2. Post
    Audit Committee / Company Secretary
    393, 393 Silom Building 7th - 10th floor,
    Silom Road Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand

    Conditions for Whistle Blowing :
    A whistle blower must specify one’s name and last name, which will be kept confidential by the Company.

    Whistle Blowing Procedures :
    The Company’s Board of Directors assigned the Audit Committee and the Company Secretary to supervise and regulate the practices on complaints management or issues filed through aforementioned channels, while assigning the Internal Audit Department; an independent body that reports directly to the Audit Committee, to execute the audit process / record complaints or clues, and investigate related parties to seek truths. If truths can be proven, they will be proposed to the Audit Committee for further consideration and to advise corrective measures, with all of the information compiled in a written format to be submitted to the Board of Directors. Upon consideration of the case and corrective actions taken, the Company will inform the whistle blower for acknowledgement in due course.

    Protection Measures for Whistle Blowers or Individuals Providing Cooperation in the Investigation Process :
    The Company has put in place the protection measures for whistle blowers or those who file complaints, while holding the information obtained strictly confidential. The Company will not disclose the name of a whistle blower, unless regulated otherwise by the laws or regulatory body. The Company will not defame or punish the whistle blower who is the Company’s staff member for filing such complaint, unless such conduct is executed dishonestly or with the destructive intention on the Company or any other individuals, or if the conduct is illegal or does not comply with the Company’s disciplinary regulations.

Please direct any comments/suggestions or report misconducts to the Audit Committee and Company Secretary by completing the form below

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